photo by Bill Evans

photo by Bill Evans

Samantha Halas is a Winnipeg Based Contortion artist and Antipodist.  She began practicing contortion at 22 years old, much later than many believe plausible to begin this intense physical training.  In Bolivia at 19 years of age she started learning Capoeira with a group of locals. There, she fell in love with their devotion to their art and their command over their bodies. Discovering her own disposition to developing flexibility she traveled to China to train with the Beijing Acrobatic Troupe for a year in 2007/08. She went on to perform with Vancouver’s Underground Circus at the 2010 Winter Games and the Vancouver Art Gallery , as well as independently in variety shows, cabarets and night clubs. In 2010 she moved to San Francisco to train contortion, hand-balancing and foot juggling with world renowned Mongolian contortionist Serchmaa Byamba at the San Francisco Circus Center. She trained this past summer in Mongolia with Ehntsetseg Lodoi, the first Mongolian gold prize winner for contortion in Monte Carlo.  Samantha is also teaching contortion and balancing to teenagers and adults in Winnipeg and has done workshops in Vancouver and San Francisco.  Her diverse background and late start to contortion diversify her techniques and approaches to using contortion as a tool for fitness, entertainment, art and health.


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  1. hello 🙂 my name is chris i am also from canada and i have started train when i was 18 but im 19 now and i think it would be amazing to be trained by you if it was possible but i loved a video i saw from you and i really hope you are doing very well 😀

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